Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival       23 March 2025

Williamstown Highland Celtic Gathering            26 October 2024

Honoured Clan

Frank McGregor, High Commissioner and Chief’s Lieutenant for Clan Gregor Australia

Clan Gregor is the Honoured Clan for 2024

Clan Gregor are one of the most ancient and famous of all the highland clans in Scotland.

Historians believe Clan Gregor to be the purest branch of the ancient Gael of Scotland now in existence – true descendants in short, of the native stock of the country.

Known as Clan Alpine or Race of Alpine, they descended from the first known inhabitants of Scotland and were the first people to boil water and create smoke in their ancient lands of Glenorchy.

The Clan claims descent from Griogar, son of King Alpin who was the first united King of Scotland. It was from this that derived the Clan Motto of “Royal is my Race”
In 1589, King James VI, issued an edict proclaiming the name MacGregor “altogidder abolished,” meaning that those who bore the name must renounce it or suffer death.
MacGregors were ordered to take on different names or to continue using the name MacGregor openly was to invite an immediate execution. It was practically the genocide of a Scottish Clan. To hide from their persecutors, they became known as the Children of the Mist.
Famous MacGregors include Scottish rogue Rob Roy MacGregor, John McGregor the Piper at the Alamo and another John MacGregor was Bonnie Prince Charlies personal Piper.
The current Clan Chief is Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor Bt.

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