Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival       23 March 2025

Williamstown Highland Celtic Gathering            26 October 2024

Chieftain of the Day

Frank McGregor is our Chieftain of the Day for the 2024 Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival.

We are pleased to announce that Chieftain of the Day for the 2024 Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival is Frank McGregor.

Frank is the High Commissioner and Chief’s Lieutenant for Clan Gregor Australia and the Honorary Consul for the United Kingdom in Tasmania.

In 2015, Frank McGregor was elected onto the Council of the Clan Gregor Society in Scotland as the Overseas Representative for Australasia. The Clan Gregor Society SCIO is one of the oldest clan societies in the world being established in 1822.

In 2016, Frank helped co-ordinate a documentary on the Clan Gregor Society with Charles Wooley from Sixty minutes called No Surrender.

Also in 2016, Frank became the Tasmanian Honorary Consul for the United Kingdom and continues in this role. He says it’s an incredible honour to work for the British Consulate.

Then in 2018, Clan Chief Sir Malcolm MacGregor awarded Frank with the title of High Commissioner and Chiefs Lieutenant with the approval and official documentation from the Lord Lyon Court of Scotland enabling Frank to wear the feathers of the position.

Frank is a passionate historian for the Clan Gregor Society and enjoys travelling around Australia representing the clan at various gatherings and is the current Patron of the annual Tasmanian Highlands Gathering.